Maurice Walsh Whiskey Experience takes place on Sunday November 12th at 8 pm as part of Listowel Food Fair 2017.  At this unique event we celebrate the great North Kerry writer, whiskey connoisseur and author of ‘The Quiet Man’ Maurice Walsh.  Alan O’Donovan, whiskey specialist with the Irish Whiskey Experience and Celtic Bar & Larder, Killarney will provide the perfect introduction to Irish whiskey, learning about the history, the process and a comparative tasting of superb Irish & Scottish whiskeys. The Maurice Walsh Whiskey Experience will also include short readings from Maurice’s writing on whiskey.

Tickets – €20

On 2nd July 1901, Maurice Walsh started his first governmental post in the Customs & Excise Services. This was the year of his first assignment to Scotland at Fort William and in 1903 he began his permanent stay among the Scottish distilleries. In 1908 Maurice married Caroline ‘Toshon’ Begg – a teacher and daughter to one of the distillery owners.  It was while in Scotland he developed his lover of whiskey.  However, it was an Irish whiskey ‘Red Breast’ which became his favourite.  The following poem is taken from his novel ‘The Spanish Lady’:

A noggin of whisky, a rouser of rum, A jug of brown ale, and again. A noggin of whisky, a rouser of rum, And laugh I at Cupid and men. Kissing men! And laugh I with Bacchus again.

‘I was always inclined towards writing, God help me, but I spent fifteen years in the Highlands – and the Lowlands where have ye been – and did not write at all. Because I was living See? Living. Neil Gunn and myself rambled the hollow lands and hilly lands and did a little work amongst the Highlands stills, got to know a good whiskey and fished and shot some in an honest and peaceful way-mostly’. Quote from Maurice Walsh