Our Mission

Our Mission at Kerry Writers’ Museum is:
To collect, safeguard, hold in trust, display and interpret a variety of material and objects relating to the rich literary heritage of County Kerry, and the cultural, social & political heritage of Listowel & North Kerry. We provide research opportunities and educational & cultural activities for the local community, students and our many visitors.

In fulfilment of our Mission, we aspire to:

– Communicate the work of the Kerry writers to the widest possible audience

– Enhance the visitor experience through the provision of creative, engaging and informative exhibits
– Develop, strengthen and sustain the Museum’s role as an education organisation. For example, through exhibitions, targeted activities and other outreach programmes
– Provide specialist services for researchers and students. For instance continually developing, documenting and promoting our collection
– Operate with integrity and provide equal access for all.

In addition we are committed to providing a wide range of socially inclusive educational and cultural opportunities. These will result in the lifelong discovery and enjoyment of the works and lives of the Kerry writers as well as the cultural, social and political heritage of Listowel and North Kerry.

Guiding Principle

The role of education is fundamental to ensuring a high level of visitor satisfaction.

In conlusion, we are a fully accredited museum under the Museum Standards Programme for Ireland, administered by the Heritage Council.