We invite you to donate to us

Kerry Writers’ Museum is a community, voluntary not-for-profit organization owned and managed by Kerry Cultural and Literary Centre CLG. The company is registered as a charitable organisation with the Charities Regulator and all donations made are reinvested in the Museum towards the conservation of our collections as well as the development of our literary and cultural programmes.

We welcome all level of donations. Your donation no matter what amount is invaluable to us in furthering our aims and objectives. Just click on the yellow Donate button at the bottom of this page to make your donation.

Tax Efficient Donations

As Kerry Writers’ Museum is a registered charity your contribution can go even further. The Charitable Donation Scheme allows tax relief on qualifying donations made to eligible charities and approved bodies.

If an individual makes a donation of over €250 in the year, the charity or approved body can claim a refund of tax paid on that donation by the donor.

If a company makes a donation of over €250 in the year, the company can claim a tax deduction as if the donation was a trading expense.

Under the terms of the Scheme, if you donate to the Museum just complete a tax relief form and return it to us to enable us to claim the appropriate tax relief from Revenue as provided for in the legislation.

New Tax Legislation – Now Your Donation Goes Further

Did you know your contribution could go even further at no extra cost to you? We can claim back the tax on any donations over €250 over the course of the next tax year. If you are paying tax at the higher rate of 42%, €250 from you is worth €431.03 or €312.5 if you pay tax at the standard rate. That means more funds available to us to create an even better programme of events for you!

So what has changed?

A self-employed individual receives tax relief on the donation via his/her tax return. For example a donation of €250 means a real cost to you of €200 if you are paying tax at the lower rate or €145 at the higher rate.

Corporate donations
Companies can treat the donation as a trading expense thus reducing the real cost.

See the total value of your donation to Kerry Writers’ Museum when you fill out the TAX RELIEF FORM HERE
Once signed, the Tax Relief Form lasts for five years, which means you only need to complete the form once every five years, which is both convenient for you as a donor and reduces the Museum’s admin costs.

Alternatively, please contact us if you’d like to receive the forms by post.

If you have any questions at all about making donations to Kerry Writers’ Museum, please contact Cara Trant, Manager, by emailing or by phone on +353 (0)68 22212.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Kerry Writers’ Museum.