Bill Kearney Collection Listing

KWM.2016.0008          Programme, theatre, Sive, Abbey Theatre, Dublin, 1986.

KWM.2016.0009          Programme, theatre, Ill Met by Moonlight, Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0010          Programme, theatre, The Plough and the Stars, produced by Eamon Kelly. The groups staged the play in 1946.

KWM.2016.0011          Programme, theatre, The Couple Beggar, Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0012          Periodical, Amateur Drama Bulletin, 1964. Vol 1, No 1.

KWM.2016.0013          Manuscript, The Night of the Moon, Seamus White.

KWM.2016.0014          Playscript, A Letter from the General, Maurice McLoughlin, signed H. Wilson, 1962.

KWM.2016.0015          Play script, The Paddy Pedlar, Michael J. Molloy, signed Bill Kearney, Listowel, 1953. A production of this play represented Kerry in the inaugural All-Ireland Festival that year.

KWM.2016.0016          Programmes, theatre, Drama Festivals from all around Ireland, 1949 – 1975.

KWM.2016.0018          Periodicals, Advancing Drama in North Kerry, article from The Cork  Examiner, 1979.

KWM.2016.0019          Magazine “Theatre Arts” July 1949 issue, Death of a Salesman.

KWM.2016.0024          Scrapbook of newspaper articles on A letter from the General, 1967.

KWM.2016.0025          Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings on The Moonlighters by George Fitzmaurice, 1968.

KWM.2016.0025          Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings on The Moonlighters by George Fitzmaurice, 1968.


KWM.2016.0026          Sheet Music, Francis and Day’s 36th Selection of Popular Successes,copyright 1927.

KWM.2016.0027          Sheet Music, Macushla, song by John McCormack, copyright 1910.

KWM.2016.0028          Sheet Music, I Hear You Calling Me, by John McCormack, copyright 1908.

KWM.2016.0029          Sheet Music, Carry me back to green pastures, words and music by Harry S. Pepper.

KWM.2016.0030          Sheet Music, Less than the dust and Kashmiri Song, Amy Woodforde-Finden, 1902.

KWM.2016.0031          Sheet Music, Academic Classics for the Pianoforte, signed by Master Eddie Leahy, Pearse St. Listowel 15/4/’26.

KWM.2016.0032          Sheet Music, Student’s Classics, Sonata in G, Mozart

KWM.2016.0033          Sheet Music, Rondo in D, Academic Classics for the Pianoforte, signed by Patricia Leahy.

KWM.2016.0034          Sheet Music, Arthur Hammerstein, Rose-Marie, A musical play, signed P. Leahy, copyright 1924.

KWM.2016.0035          Sheet Music, Play the Kunz Way. Album of piano transcriptions of the classics by Charlie Kunz, 1937.

KWM.2016.0036          Sheet Music, The Desert Song, by Otto Harbach, 1928.

KWM.2016.0037          Sheet Music, Sunset on the St. Lawrence, Maxime Heller, 1910.

KWM.2016.0038          Sheet Music, Carnival Memories Waltz, Oliver Turner.

KWM.2016.0039          Sheet Music, The Apex Edition of Classical songs, 1924/’37.

KWM.2016.0040          Sheet Music, Pianoforte Studies from the standard composers, copyright 1896.

KWM.2016.0041          Sheet Music, Academic Classics for the pianoforte.

KWM.2016.0042          Sheet Music, April, Tschaikowsky, Holmes and Karn, no 11.

KWM.2016.0043          Sheet Music, Sunny Spain, Suite by Auguste cons piano solo.

KWM.2016.0044          Sheet Music, Under the Double Edge, J. F. Wagner.

KWM.2016.0045          Sheet Music, Three books of music bound together, The real Irish Quadrille, Ophelia Sketch, Estudiantina.

KWM.2016.0046          Sheet Music, Russian ballet dances, Gould and Bottler, 1913.

KWM.2016.0047          Sheet Music, Pleading, song by Arthur L. Salmon, 1908.

KWM.2016.0048          Sheet Music, They Say, Edward Heyman, copyright 1938.

KWM.2016.0049          Sheet Music, My Fair Lady, piano selection, copyright 1956.

KWM.2016.0050          Sheet Music, A new school of studies for pianoforte, 1921.

KWM.2016.0127          Sheet music, compilation, signed P. Leahy, Copyright 1934.


KWM.2016.0103         Christmas card from John B. and Mary Keane, 1959, includes newspaper cutting and personal note from J.B. Keane.

KWM.2016.0182        Various articles on the publication of The Plays of George Fitzmaurice: Dramatic Fantasies, by George Fitzmaurice, Dolmen Press, 1967.

KWM.2016.0183        The Crows of Mephistopheles, Short Story Collection, by George Fitzmaurice, Dolmen Press, 1970.

KWM.2016.0184        Play by George Fitzmaurice, Dramatic Fantasies, 1st 1967.

KWM.2016.0185        The Plays of George Fitzmaurice: Realistic Plays by George Dolmen Press, 1970.

KWM.2016.0186        The Plays of George Fitzmaurice: Realistic Plays by George Dolmen Press, 1970

KWM.2016.0187        Plays of George Fitzmaurice, Folk Plays, Howard Slaughter 1969.


KWM.2016.0213        Newspaper Cutting Her Ambition, an article on Moira Murphy in Bryan MacMahon’s The Golden Folk 1960.

The Collection comprises the extensive newspaper coverage of The Golden Folk production, staged by the Listowel Drama Group, and subsequently, by the Abbey Theatre in 1960, as The Song of the Anvil. Seán Ó Riada, then musical director at the Abbey, composed the music for the play. The production later transferred to New York and was directed by Ria Mooney, who would have known MacMahon through the festival circuit. With a cast of over twenty, this fantasy play based on themes of religious superstition is set in the valley of Glensharon, which is under threat; that an evil spell might be cast by a stranger on the village and its folk at any time. Characters include a visionary, a failed priest, a magician, two village fools and a sex-starved spinster.

KWM.2016.0214        Newspaper Cutting on Bryan MacMahon’s The Golden Folk 1960.

KWM.2016.0215        Newspaper Cutting on Bryan MacMahon’s The Golden Folk 1960.

KWM.2016.0216        All-Ireland Theatre Festival 1953.

KWM.2016.0217        The Golden Folk – Irish Independent 1960.

KWM.2016.0218        Moira Murphy in The Golden Folk 1960.

KWM.2016.0219        Sive and The Country Boy plays, newspaper, 1960.

KWM.2016.0220        New York by J. B. Keane and The Golden Folk, 1960.

KWM.2016.0221        John B. Keane Sharon’s Grave, B. MacMahon The Golden Folk, Athlone Theatre Festival, 1960.

KWM.2016.0222        Athlone Drama Festival Sharon’s Grave, The Golden Folk, 1960.

The Golden Folk was later renamed Song of the Anvil.

KWM.2016.0223        Athlone Drama Festival Sharon’s Grave, The Golden Folk, Sunday Independent, 1960.

KWM.2016.0224        All-Ireland Drama Festival, Michael O’hAodha article, 1960.

KWM.2016.0225        All-Ireland Drama Festival from Irish Press, May 14, 1960.

KWM.2016.0226        Newspaper cutting, Listowel Drama Group wins prize at All-Ireland Drama Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0227        The Golden Folk by B. MacMahon at All-Ireland Theatre Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0228        The Golden Folk by B. MacMahon at Athlone Drama Festival, 1960.

KWM.2016.0229        Evening Press Newspaper cutting, contenders for prizes at All-Ireland Amateur Drama Festival.

KWM.2016.0230        Newspaper cutting, All-Ireland Drama Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0231        Evening Herald newspaper cutting, Athlone Theatre Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0232        Evening Herald newspaper cutting, Athlone Theatre Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0233        Evening Press newspaper, Galway Theatre review 1960.

KWM.2016.0234        Irish Independent newspaper cutting, All-Ireland Drama Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0235        J. B. Keane’s Sharon’s Grave in Ballyshannon. Evening Herald 1960.

KWM.2016.0236        Kerryman newspaper, The Golden Folk by B. MacMahon 1960.

KWM.2016.0237        The adjudicator’s role in amateur drama. Evening Herald 1960.

KWM.2016.0238        Bryan MacMahon play wins award at North Cork Drama Festival.

KWM.2016.0239        J. B. Keane’s Sharon’s Grave produced in Ballyshannon, newspaper 1960.

KWM.2016.0240        Irish Independent newspaper, All-Ireland Drama Festival, mention of Golden Folk by B. MacMahon and Sharon’s Grave by J. B. Keane 1960.

KWM.2016.0241        Irish Independent 1960, Curtain Falls on Amateur Thetre Season.

KWM.2016.0242        Evening Herald, Up Sive newspaper cutting about the success of J. B. Keane’s Sive 1960.

KWM.2016.0243        Evening Herald newspaper, critique of The Proposal.

KWM.2016.0244        Mr. Hugh Wilmot critic, newspaper cutting 1960.

KWM.2016.0245        Irish Independent cutting, B. MacMahon The Golden Folk at Kerry Drama Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0246        Newspaper cutting Irish Independent 1960 theatre reviews.

KWM.2016.0247        1955, Westmeath Independent Dramatic Commentary.

KWM.2016.0248        1955, Athlone Theatre Festival, newspaper cutting.

KWM.2016.0249        Irish Press article on III Met by Moonlight all Ireland 1955.

KWM.2016.0250        Newspaper cutting on criticisms on minimum standards for plays 1955.

KWM.2016.0251        Photograph of Listowel Players, article on Liberator’s relative to adjudicate Kerry Drama Festival, article on Bugle in the Blood, MacMahon’s 1949 play, which was staged by the Abbey Theatre

KWM.2016.0252        Evening Press 1960 article on LDG winners and The Later Days are Cold.

KWM.2016.0253        The Winners at Athlone Evening Press 1960, Photos of Actors.

KWM.2016.0254        Newspaper cuttings: Athlone Festival, Evening Herald 1960.

KWM.2016.0255        Photos of All-Ireland Winners, Asdee Players, Irish Independent, 1960.

KWM.2016.0256        All-Ireland Festival, photo of Limerick group winning B. MacMahon Trophy, 1960.

KWM.2016.0257        Photo of Abbeyfeale Players presenting The Iron Harp on Irish Independent 1960.

KWM.2016.0258        Queens University Belfast students staging Murder in the Cathedral, Irish Press 1960.

KWM.2016.0259        Newspaper article on Sive from Evening Herald, 1960.

KWM.2016.0260        Newspaper article on Navan Players in Athlone, two black and white photos.

KWM.2016.0261        Evening Press article on Sive at St. Mary’s Theatre, Westport, fund-raiser 1960.

KWM.2016.0262        Mountain of a Play from Listowel, Evening Herald 1960.

KWM.2016.0263        Barry Cassin critic defends opinion Evening Press, 1960.

KWM.2016.0264        Opinion piece by Gabriel Fallon on New Drama arguing against 1960.

KWM.2016.0265        Article on Double Door in North Cork Festival and critique of B. Cassin by J. M. Filgate.

KWM.2016.0266        Newspaper articles on what local societies are doing by Ray McAnnally 1960.

KWM.2016.0267        Article in Kerryman, 1960, Cassin Greatly Moved by MacMahon play.

KWM.2016.0268        New Play has something worth saying The Golden Folk 1960.

KWM.2016.0269        Newspaper, Evening Herald, 1960 critique of plays nominated.

KWM.2016.0270        Newspaper Westmeath Independent. mentions of III Met by Moonlight and Bryan MacMahon’s Bugle in the Blood dated 1955.

KWM.2016.0271        Newspaper cutting no date mentions Bugle in the Blood.

KWM.2016.0272        Actor Barry Cassin hits out at Drama Festivals, Evening Press 1960.

KWM.2016.0273        Straw Boys, Golden Folk and The Black Stranger, Independent 1960.

KWM.2016.0274        News about staging The Gold Folk and Sive with Ray McAnally.

KWM.2016.0275        Great Reception for MacMahon play in Listowel, Kerryman, 1960.

KWM.2016.0276        Entrants for North Cork Drama Festival, Sharon’s Grave and Golden Folk, 1960.

KWM.2016.0277        Airing for Amateurs, Philip Rooney Irish Press, 1951, reference to a Radio Eireann Programme

KWM.2016.0278        Invitation card to attend unveiling of Bust Brendan Kennelly, 2014.

KWM.2016.0279        Flyer for the play Sive Abbey Theatre Logo, the year is 1993.

KWM.2016.0352        Upright John Brinsmead and Sans piano, featuring candlesticks.

KWM.2016.0487        The Bugle in the Blood by Bryan MacMahon; typewritten script 1949-1961 (3).

KWM.2016.0572        Small suitcase / cosmetic case owned by Bill Kearney.

KWM.2016.0573        Vintage cosmetics from Listowel Drama Group dated 1940 to 1960.

KWM.2016.0574        Costume spectacles and case from Listowel Drama Group 1960.

KWM.2021.0690/       1-7  Photographs:

  1. Bill and Pat Kearney, c.1942
  2. Bill Kearney, c.1940s
  3. Bill Kearney backstage, date unknown
  4. Bill Kearney accepting an award, c.1961
  5. a special presentation made to Bill Kearney, c.1971
  6. Biographical notes written by Liz Gillen, née Kearney.



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