Local Listowel Drama Collection

The Kerryman Newspaper

Given the difficulties with accessioning at the time, much of the material is of unknown provenance.

The order is numerical.

The Collection consists of newspaper clippings, photographs of productions, posters and programmes.

The collection varies significantly in terms of production dates. It includes details – clippings, programmes, posters – dating from prizewinning productions in the 1950s, through to the 1960s and 1970s, which includes memorabilia from Listowel Drama Group productions through to the 1990s and the early 2000s.

Newspaper clippings consist of local and national broadsheet articles.

It includes some materials used by actors that are on exhibition in the John B. Keane room.

A significant donation by My. John Cahill, of an original 1959 script of Sive is also contained in this collection. Mr. Cahill was one of the cast.

It includes a typescript copy of Bryan MacMahon’s The Bugle in the Blood.

KWM.2016.0002          Newspaper clippings on Playboy of the Western World drama.

KWM.2016.0005          Photograph, colour of Listowel Drama Group

KWM.2016.0006          Programme, theatre, The Moonlighters, George Fitzmaurice.

KWM.2016.0007          Programme, theatre, The Bugle in the Blood, Brian McMahon.

KWM.2016.0068          Sive for Abbey Theatre article on first production.

KWM.2016.0069          Article on All-Ireland Drama Festival, May 8th 1954.

KWM.2016.0070          Article on the Drama Council of Ireland, May 21st 1955.

KWM.2016.0071          Newspaper cutting, District Justice wins best actor.

KWM.2016.0072          Abbey Fantasia on Rural Life, Article, Daily Mail, 1953.

KWM.2016.0073         Periodical, Results of All-Ireland Drama, 1st place, The Magic Glasses.

This was the Listowel Group’s first title in the one-act category and Directed by Brendan Carroll.

KWM.2016.0074          Awards in one-act category, First place Listowel D.G., The Magic Glasses.

KWM.2016.0075          Periodical, Article on Scariff, Co. Clare to build a theatre.

KWM.2016.0076          Periodicals, Bachelors in Twilight, Herald Newspaper, 1953.

KWM.2016.0077          Periodicals, Irish Times, 1953, Review of play M.J. Molloy, The Wood of the Whispering.

KWM.2016.0078          Periodicals, Evening Press 1955, Amateurs should experiment more.

KWM.2016.0079          Periodicals, Review, Sive, Play performance article 1959.

KWM.2016.81.01         Periodicals, Schedule for All-Ireland Amateur Drama Festival, Athlone. These 2 articles were written following John B. Keane’s success in 1959.

KWM.2016.81.02         Periodicals, An Tóstal Drama Festival, list of productions.

KWM.2016.0082          Periodicals, Niall Carroll on theatre’s amateurs and a workshop Thomas                                                     MacAnna.

KWM.2016.0083          Periodicals, List of awards, first place Listowel Dram Group The Magic Glasses, 1954.

KWM.2016.0084          Periodicals, Western Drama Festival Awards, 1954.

KWM.2016.0085          Periodicals, Mention of Listowel Drama Group production The Paddy Pedlar in 1953. This was one of the first amateur productions of the play.

KWM.2016.0086          Periodicals, For the play Red Owen, colour scene was Connemara.

KWM.2016.0087          Periodicals, Irish Independent, April 1960, positive review of The Golden Folk.


KWM.2016.0088          Periodicals, Evening Press Article, critical review of Sive by J.B. Keane                                      1960.

KWM.2016.0089          Periodicals, Kerryman Newspaper, The Golden Folk sparkled at Cork                                           Festival 1960.

KWM.2016.0090          Periodicals, Irish Independent, Views differ on Sive, April 1960.

KWM.2016.0091          Periodicals, Evening Herald, 1960, MacMahon play, ‘mystery of first act                                   coughing.’

KWM.2016.0092          Photograph Black/White, Young girl on a swing.

KWM.2016.0093          Irish Times, 1960, positive review of play The later days are cold, by unknown playwright thought to be from Listowel.

To correct the accession entry, this play was by Colman O’Shannon, a pseudonym for a Fr. O’Keeffe. The play, a one-act, was a very popular one on the circuit and performed on the circuit by Kerry groups, including Brosna and Asdee Players.

KWM.2016.0094          All-Ireland Drama Festival, Irish Independent, 1960 article.

KWM.2016.0095          Kerry play at Athlone creates a sensation, Evening Press, 1960.

KWM.2016.0096          Evening Herald Newspaper, 1960. Article on The Later Days are Cold.

KWM.2016.0097          Evening Press Newspaper, 1960. Review Sharon’s Grave at All-Ireland.

KWM.2016.0098          Evening Herald, 1960, positive review of The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0099          Evening Press Newspaper, “Play a total failure”, review.

KWM.2016.0100          Evening Herald, 1960, critical review of The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0101          Kerryman 1960. Listowel bids for Drama Honours.

KWM.2016.0102          Advertisement for production of Sive.

KWM.2016.0104          The Standard Newspaper, 1954, Article on George Fitzmaurice.

KWM.2016.0105          The Standard, 1953, comparison between The Quiet Man and Hans Christian Anderson.

KWM.2016.0106          Newspaper article printed March 23rd, 1968, ‘Listowel Players stage a tribute to Patrick Kavanagh’. This refers to the production of Tarry Flynn which was entered in the Kerry Drama Festival that year. The Listowel Players were a breakaway group from the Listowel Drama Group, following the success of Sive in 1959.

KWM.2016.0107          Evening Press, 1960, review of The Golden Folk, Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0108          Kerryman, 1960, review of The Golden Folk, Bryan MacMahon play.

KWM.2016.0109          Evening Press, 1960, review of The Golden Folk, Bryan MacMahon play.

KWM.2016.0110          Evening Herald, 1960, review of Sive by J.B. Keane.

KWM.2016.0111          Irish Press, 1960, review of The Golden Folk, Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0112          Evening Herald, 1960, premier of The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0113          Kerryman, 1960, premier of The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0114          They say what they like, Sunday Independent, 1960, includes photo Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0115          Irish Independent, 1960, details opening of The Golden Folk, Listowel.

KWM.2016.0116          Irish Press, 1960, review of The Golden Folk play.

KWM.2016.0117          Evening Herald, 1960, review of The Golden Folk play.

KWM.2016.0118          Irish Independent, 1960, photograph, opening The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0119          Sunday Independent, 1960, review/description, The Golden Folk.

KWM.2016.0120          Kerryman, 1960, advertisements for upcoming play Sive.

KWM.2016.0121          Irish Press, 1960, Listowel will stage MacMahon work, article on casting American girl, Moira Murphy as character in play.

KWM.2016.0122          Evening Press, 1960, Sealed Lips: Great Stuff, article on B. MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0135          Programme (Theatre), for plays Maurice Harte and Paddy Pedlar, Sluagh                 Hall, Listowel, 1953.

KWM.2016.0144          Poster (Theatre), Halla Rialte Na Maidine, Listowel, mid-20th century.

KWM.2016.0168        Poster (Theatre), The Buds of Ballybunion, by J. B. Keane, 2014.

KWM.2016.0175        Programme (Theatre) for the production of The Colleen Bawn 2006.

KWM.2016.0178        Poster (Theatre) All Soul’s Night, by J. Tomelty, no date.  Possibly 1958.

KWM.2016.0179        Poster (Theatre) Our Town by Thornton Wilder, handwritten, no date.

KWM.2016.0200        Programme (Theatre) The Honey Spike B. MacMahon, 1977/78.

KWM.2016.0279        Flyer for the play Sive Abbey Theatre Logo, the year is 1993.

KWM.2016.0294        Costume bun ring & pins from production of Sive by J. B. Keane.

KWM.2016.0297        Original script of Sive by J. B. Keane. Donated John Cahill

KWM.2016.0299        Sive by J. B. Keane, book bound with forward by Michael Ó hAodha (1959).

KWM.2016.0436        Programme (Theatre) Bryan MacMahon’s The Master, April 1993.

KWM.2016.0526        The Listowel Players present Big Maggie, 1970.

KWM.2016.0527        Lartigue Theatre Company presents Cuckoo Blue, 2011.

KWM.2016.0530        Listowel Drama Group presents Lend me A Tenor, 2004.

KWM.2016.0532        Lartigue Theatre Listowel presents The Communication Cord, 2004.

KWM.2016.0533        Lartigue Theatre presents John B. Keane The Musical, 2006.

KWM.2016.0569        .01 Cast photograph of Sive at the Abbey

(01, 02, 03)                 .02 Black and white photograph during a scene from the 1959 Sive production, at the Abbey

.03 Sive Play.

KWM.2016.0570        Theatre Programme for Sive at the Abbey, 1959.

KWM.2016.0604        Typewritten script of The Honey Spike, by Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0637        Programme for The Honey Spike, play by Bryan MacMahon, December 1993.

KWM.2016.0650        The Playboy of the Western World, 5th February 1951. Poster.

KWM.2016.0651        Poster, Listowel Drama Group presents The Golden Folk

KWM.2016.0653        Photograph. Eamon Kelly and Brendan O’Carroll at 40th anniversary of Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0654        Photograph of Madeleine O’Sullivan in Jack Furey by Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0655        Poster. 8th Annual Kerry Drama Festival, 12th June 1950.

KWM.2016.0656        Poster. 9th Annual Kerry Drama Festival. October 1951.

KWM.2016.0657        Photograph. Steven O’Donovan and Kay Culloty. The Spraying of John O’Dorey. Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0658        Black and white photograph of Michael Whelan.

KWM.2016.0659        Photograph. Catherine Stack in The Death of Biddy Early, 1990. Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0660        Photograph. Valerie Burke in The Death of Biddy Early, 1990.

KWM.2016.0661        Photograph. Rehearsal for The Time of The Whitehorn by Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0662        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Don’t Dress for Dinner, 2003.

KWM.2016.0663        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents The Bugle in The Blood by Bryan MacMahon, 2001.

KWM.2016.0664        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Two On A String.

KWM.2016.0665        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Anyone Could Rob a Bank, 1961.

KWM.2016.0666        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents The Moonlighters by George Fitzmaurice.

KWM.2016.0667        Poster. All – Ireland Drama Festival, Athlone. 1954.

KWM.2016.0668        Poster. Third All-Ireland Drama Festival, Athlone, 1955.

KWM.2016.0669        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents See How They Run.

KWM.2016.0670        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Canaries 1985.

KWM.2016.0671        Programme, Listowel Drama Group presents Them 1972.

KWM.2016.0672        Newspaper clipping, The Listowel Drama Group promises top-class presentation of Coffey play. 1972.

KWM.2016.0673        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Them 1972.

KWM.2016.0674        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Mungo’s Mansion 1948-49.

KWM.2016.0675        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents The Rugged Path 1949.

KWM.2016.0676        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Nano 1949.

KWM.2016.0677        Poster. Listowel Drama Group presents Nano St. Patrick’s Night, 1949.

KWM.2016.0678        Play. Prólóg Don Réim Nua. 1954.

KWM.2016.0679        Play. Journey’s End. Samuel French acting edition. 1929.

KWM.2016.0680        Play. The Plough and The Stars. 1932.

KWM.2016.0681        Play. The Whiteheaded Boy. 1955.

KWM.2016.0682        Play. Our Town. 1965.

KWM.2016.0682.01   Sheet. Opening/closing curtain remarks Our Town.

KWM.2016.0682.02   Sheet. Numbered curtain call for Our Town.

KWM.2016.0682.03   A4 sheet. Three hymns Bless Be the Tie, Art Thou Wear, Love Divine.

KWM.2016.0682.04   Two sheets. Cue/effect list for play.

KWM.2016.0682.05   A4 sheet. Drawn picture front and rear of stage.

KWM.2016.0682.06   Sheet. Opening/closing curtain speech supplement.

KWM.2016.0682.07   Paper sheet. Character/prop list for Our Town.

KWM.2016.0686        Play. III Met By Moonlight by Micheál Mac Liammóir. 1954.

KWM.2016.0687        Play. An Tincéar Agus An Tsidheóg by Douglas Hyde.

KWM.2016.0688        Play Bantighearna An Ghorta by Séamus De Bhilmot, 1944.

KWM.2016.0700        Play. Daughter From Over The Water by M. J. Molloy 1967.

KWM.2016.0701        Play. A Letter From The General by Maurice McLoughlin 1962.

KWM.2016.0722        Black and white photograph of a scene from The Magic Glasses by George Fitzmaurice.

Listowel Drama Group: Photographs from various productions from the 1970s.

KWM.2016.0723        Black and white photograph of Dancing at Lughnasa.

KWM.2016.0724        Black and white photograph of rehearsals of The Spraying of John O’Dorey by John B. Keane.

KWM.2016.0725        Black and white photograph. Scene from The Magic Glasses by George Fitzmaurice.

KWM.2016.0726        Black and white photography The Matter Owen McMahon and Madeline O’Sullivan.

KWM.2016.0727        Black and white photograph. 2 copies. Máire O’Connor in The Master by Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0728        Black and white photograph. Jim Halpin in Jack Furey.

KWM.2016.0729        Black and white photograph of unknown man.

KWM.2016.0730        Black and white photograph of Matt Mooney in The Master by Bryan MacMahon.

KWM.2016.0731        Photograph. Cast and production crew of I Do Not Like The Dr. Fell.

KWM.2016.0732        Black and white photography of Canaries by Bernard Farrell.

KWM.2016.0733.01   Photography. 2 Male figures. Listowel Drama Group.


KWM.2016.0733.02   Photograph. Bryan MacMahon presenting Marie Coffey, Kevin O’Donovan and Michael Whelan

KWM.2016.0733.03   Photograph. Kay Landy, Rena McAuliffe, and Maria Keane Stack.

KWM.2016.0733.04   Photograph of Eileen Fitzgibbon and Madeline O’Sullivan.

KWM.2016.0733.05   Photograph. Eileen Fitzgibbon in Canaries.

KWM.2016.0733.06   Photograph. Rosarie, Anthony, and Rena McAuliffe.

KWM.2016.0733.07   Photograph of Listowel Drama Group.

KWM.2016.0733.08   Photograph of a production of Canaries by Bernard Farrell.

KWM.2016.0733.09   Photograph of Imelda Garvey in Run For Your Wife.

KWM.2016.0733.10   Photograph. Imelda Garvey and Brendan L. in Run For Your Wife.

KWM.2016.0733.11   Photograph. Backstage of Don’t Dress For Dinner.

KWM.2016.0733.12   Photograph. Group on stage from Don’t Dress For Dinner.

KWM.2016.0733.13   Photograph of scene on stage of Don’t Dress For Dinner.

KWM.2016.0733.14   Photograph of scene in stage from Our Town. Máire O’Connor and Brendan Landy.

KWM.2016.0733.15   Photograph. Scene on stage. Madeline O’Sullivan in Our Town.

KWM.2016.0733.16   Photograph. Ned O’Sullivan in Our Town.

KWM.2016.0733.17   Photograph. Scene on stage. Five female figures. Dancing at Lughnasa.

KWM.2016.0733.18   Photograph. Backstage from Dancing at Lughnasa.

KWM.2016.0733.19   Photograph. Two characters on stage from scene of Dancing at Lughnasa.





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