Púca Story Trail

Puca-2020Follow our museum mascot Púca the Hare and discover interactive stories specifically designed to engage our younger visitors.

As you move through the writers exhibition you will discover five stories taken from the 1930’s Irish Folklore Commission Schools Collection. All stories are based in North Kerry and include:

– A Ghost Story
– Faction Fights
– A Funny Story
– A Story about a Hag
– Fairy Forts

All of Púca’s stories are brought to life by illustrations created by 5th class pupils of Scoil Realta na Maidine (Boy’s Primary School), Listowel.

Who is Púca the Hare?

A Púca is a famous shape shifting creature commonly found in Kerry, who likes to wreak havoc in the human world. Púcas enjoy confusing and terrorizing us. They are all around us – sometimes appearing as hares, goats or even humans with animal features like horns or tails – most often active at night! You may not believe that Púcas exist but there are hundreds of stories to prove that they do. But don’t worry our mascot is a friendly Púca. In fact she is an Irish mountain hare and she loves showing visitors around our Museum. So follow her in the glass door and discover the stories inside!